Docking Windows

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Database Designer for MySQL user interface contains several Docking Windows. The product functionality is grouped in various docking windows.

In this topic you will find an overview of each Docking Window. Please, see the detailed description below.

Object Tree View Window


The Diagram Tree View contains an organized view of the diagram tables, columns, constraints, indexes, triggers, rules, stored procedures/functions, domains and references.

You can use the Tree View to:

Browse through the diagram objects

Search and locate the objects on the diagram

Call the appropriate properties editor for the object.

Output Window

Output window contains run-time information, which is generated by such tools as Check Diagram, Generate Database and Reverse Engineer database.

Output window consists of several tabs (Check, Generation, Reverse), each of which is intended for representing the information for an appropriate tool.

Result List Window


Result List window is intended to show the result of Check Diagram process.

Color Palette

Color Palette is intended to quickly set the color to visual objects. Left click will set fill color for an object, right click will set line color. If several objects selected, color setting will be applied to all of them.

Minimap Navigator


The Minimap Navigator is intended to help you move quickly around a drawing.

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