Interactive SQL for MySQL v2.3.0-beta

Interactive SQL for MySQL v2.3.0-beta

Version 2.3.0-beta (May 15, 2007)

The new version of Interactive SQL for MySQL has been released.

Download the new version of MyISQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[*] Russian localization

[*] You can print SQL scripts now

[*] Stored procedures executor added. You can execute stored procedures with IN, OUT and INOUT parameters now

[+] You can execute selected piece of script only instead executing of whole SQL script (Alt+F9 or Ctrl+E)

[+] Ability to show result grid in new result tab when executing same script again

[+] Multi result sets queries (e.g. by calling stored procedures) support added

[+] Short queries execution log added

[+] Only one copy of program is active now

[+] Script Execution Result window can be closed on timeout (see Options menu item)

[+] SQL parser is rewritten from scratch

[+] New MSI installer

[-] Filters in result grid work properly now

[-] Several bugs with "Script object to new window as" -> "Create" script generation

[-] Bugs with SSH tunneling

[-] Bugs with BLOB fields (pictures and so on)

[-] A lot of small bug fixes and improvements

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