Interactive SQL for MySQL v2.1.1 has been released!

Interactive SQL for MySQL v2.1.1 has been released!

The new version of Interactive SQL for MySQL has been released.

Download the new trial version of MyISQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] Support of database views added for MySQL v.5.0 and higher. Now you can see the list of current views in the database tree, select and update view data much faster than before.
[+] Support of stored procedures and functions for MySQL v.5.0.1 and higher. Now you can see the list of stored MySQL routines in the database tree and execute them quickly.
[+] SSL connection support. You can setup SSL private key and certificate to establish secure SSL connection.
[*] SSH support greatly improved. Now SSH connections work much faster and allows executing even large queries.
[+] An option for tuning SSH compression level added. To reduce the traffic costs you can set up the compression level for your SSH connection.
[+] The new option for executing SQL is implemented: now you can execute SQL “as is” without parsing it to separate statements. This can be useful for executing complicate SQL statements, which are parsed incorrectly. Use Shift+F9 key combination for that purpose.
[+] The result grid is fully customizable now. You can tune colors, fonts and background bitmaps for all grid elements.
[+] Some new options for the SQL editor are now available.
[+] Added new popup menu for the result grid, which allows you to manage grid columns quickly.
[+] Drag’n’drop of database objects, templates, functions from the tree pane to the SQL editor is now available.
[*] Several enhancements to the object trees were made.
[-] A lot of bugs are fixed.

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