InteractiveSQL for MSSQL is out!

InteractiveSQL for MSSQL is out!

MicroOLAP is glad to present a new product for constructing and
executing SQL statements in Microsoft SQL.

What is Interactive SQL for MSSQL?
Interactive SQL for MSSQL is a handy tool for working with Microsoft
SQL tables, views and queries. Rich feature set allows you to browse
and modify MSSQL table data, create SQL queries within a useful editor
(with syntax highlight and code completion features) or build them in
the Visual Query Builder.    

Interactive SQL for MSSQL provides various features for optimizing
your work with SQL, such as:

- SQL History for logging all executed queries with grouping by
  database connections;
- Templates manager for creating and editing custom SQL queries
  templates. Each template can be called by predefined keyboard
- Data export into 14 available formats, including MS Excel, MS
  Access, HTML, XML, etc.
- Full customization of program appearance, editor behavior, etc.
- Connection profiles manager;
- Embedded Visual Query Builder;
- SQL scripts may be loaded/saved from/to external file;
- MDI interface for executing SQL queries in separate windows;
- Localized interface;
- and many more...

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