PostgresDAC 2.3.8 released

PostgresDAC 2.3.8 released

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Full list of current changes:
[*]Remove exception raising on "common error" when roExitOnError not in Options
[+] Add OnLog event to restore and dump process
[*] Use 8.2.3 sources and client libraries
[-] "Setting an BLOB field resets all other fields" bug fixed
[*] Improved fetching default values for inherited columns
[+] TPSQLCopy component added
[+] TPSQLDatabase.SSLMode property added
[+] EPSQLDatabaseError.ErrorPrimary property added
[-] "Insertion of dates fails if server datestyle format is not MDY" bug fixed
[-] "DBI error 9997: Index not found in TPSQLQuery if some indexes built on expressions or on columns not specified in SQL" bug fixed
[-] TPSQLRestore Memory leak fixed
[-] Restore DB existence check added
[-] OID values greater then 2147483647 are not processed correctly
[-] "The TPSQLDataset.Filter does not work with INT64 (bigint, int8, bigserial) fields" fixed
[-] Memory leak in TPSQLBlobStream fixed

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