PostgresDAC 2.3.7 released

PostgresDAC 2.3.7 released

The  new  version  of PostgresDAC has been released.  It  introduces support of
PostgreSQL v8.2.1 and fixes several bugs.

You're welcome to download the new version of PostgresDAC right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] TPSQLStoredProc component editor maintain IN\OUT parameters
[+] Error handling in TPSQLDup\Restore improved a lot
[*] Disable fetching index info when query in not set in the requestlive mode
[*] Maintain FILTERED property while converting with TBDE2PSQL
[*] Master-detail operations performance improved a lot for TPSQLQuery component
[*] TPSQLDatabase.GetStoredProcParams removed
[-] "TPSQLDatabase holds connection if authentication failed" bug fixed
[-] "CreateTable method doesn't work" bug fixed
[-] "Blob size calculated wrong on BYTEA fields" bug fixed
[-] "Master-detail treats NULL values as non-NULL depending on field type" bug fixed
[-] "DBI error 9997: Index not found in TPSQLQuery if PK not used in SQL" bug fixed
[-] "Only one BLOB field is updated on Post() if table contains more then one BLOB field" bug fixed
[-] "NULL values were treated as 0 or empty string (depends on
     datatype) while updating TPSQLQuery via TPSQLUpdateSQL component"
     bug fixed

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