PostgresDAC 2.3.5 released

PostgresDAC 2.3.5 released

The  new  version  of PostgresDAC has been released.  It  introduces new dump
and restore procedures and fixes several bugs.

Download the new trial version of PostgresDAC right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[*] Latest v8.1.4 PostgreSQL sources (pg_dump.c and pg_restore.c)
    used for libraries creation
[*] Improved index fetching for TPSQLTable component
[*] SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END are redefined in BCB code
[+] Dump and restore functionality rewritten from scratch.
    Libraries pg_dump.dll and pg_restore.dll added. See
    "Deploy.txt" for details.
[+] Functions added to TPSQLDump class:
         - procedure DumpToStream(Stream: TStream; Log: TStrings); overload;
         - procedure DumpToStream(Stream: TStream; LogFileName: string); overload;
         - procedure DumpToFile(const FileName, LogFileName: string); overload;
[+] Function added to TPSQLRestore class:
         - procedure RestoreFromFile(const FileName, LogFileName: string); overload;
[-] "Can't update fields containing long strings through TPSQLUpdateSQL" bug fixed
[-] "Floating memory problems using strings longer then 256 characters" bug fixed
[-] TAutoIncField critical bugfix: default values for integer fields were
    fetched incorrectly.
[-] "CanModify property was always True for TPSQLQuery with RequestLive = True"
    bug fixed
[-] "Error when open BYTEA field with content greater then 65Kb" bug fixed
[-] "CBuilder error: E2109 Not an allowed type in PSQLAccess.hpp" bug fixed
[-] TBDE2PSQL doesn't work for D6 and higher in TDatamodule
[-] Memory Leak in PGDump
[-] TPSQLQuery.Params[Index].AsTime doesn't work
[-] "Cannot perform this operation on an open dataset" while ExecProc called
[-] MemLeak on BLOB fields, not large objects

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