PostgresDAC v2.11.0 released

PostgresDAC v2.11.0 released

This release is fully dedicated to the dump and restore functionality. Libraries are rewritten from scratch for the latest 9.3 and 9.2 servers. Support for previous versions is discontinued. New modern thread friendly Directory output format introduced. New parallel dump mode implemented. A bunch of features added as well as all known bugs are fixed.

Full change log:
[!] v9.3.1 client libraries added (x86 and x64 platforms)
[!] v9.3.1 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll) added
[!] TPQSQLDump supports Directory output format from now
[!] TPQSQLDump supports parallel processing
[+] v9.2.5 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump-9.2.5.dll, pg_restore-9.2.5.dll) added
[+] doNoSynchronizedSnapshots option added to TPSQLDump.Options
[+] roNoSecurityLabels option added to TPSQLRestore.Options
[+] TPSQLDump.ExcludeTablesData property added
[+] TPSQLDump.Jobs property added
[+] TPSQLDump.Sections property added
[+] TPSQLRestore.SchemaName property added
[+] TPSQLRestore.Sections property added
[+] TPSQLRestore.TableNames property added
[*] Make TPSQLDump put SEQUENCE SET items in the data not pre-data section of the archive
[*] Support for old dump and restore libraries is discontinued (v8.x, v9.1)
[*] tar files emitted by TPSQLDump are POSIX conformant now
[*] TPSQLDump excludes data of unlogged tables when running on a hot-standby server
[*] TPSQLDump outputs functions in a more predictable order
[*] TPSQLRestore now accepts POSIX-conformant tar files
[-] Fixed bugs in the restore.sql script emitted byTPSQLDump in tar output format
[-] Fixed TPSQLDump for views with circular dependencies and no relation options
[-] Fixed TPSQLDump's handling of DROP DATABASE commands if doClean option specified

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