PostgresDAC 2.9.4 released

PostgresDAC 2.9.4 released

This maintenance release improves a lot handling of BLOB, date and time fields! Bug with calculated fields in RAD Studio XE3 fixed.

Full changelog:
[!] TDateTimeField supports dates before 30/12/1899 from now
[*] Handling of empty BLOB query parameters improved
[*] Improved support for field values with round number of milliseconds
[*] Obtaining size of Large Objects (oid) accelerated
[-] "Calculated field overrides the value of the first field in the dataset in XE3" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot set 00:00:00.0 value for TIME field, only 24:00:00.0 allowed" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot set EncodeDate(1899, 12, 30) value for DATE field" bug fixed
[-] Ambiguity between Sysutils::UIntToStr and Psqltypes::UIntToStr resolved in XE2

You're welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.9.4 right now at:
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