PostgresDAC 2.6.3 is out

PostgresDAC 2.6.3 is out

Release fixes several issues. Update is highly recommended.

Full changelog:

[+] Unit tests for blob fields added
[+] Unit tests for TPSQLTools added
[*] "Symbol 'DecimalSeparator' is deprecated" warning eliminated
[-] "Cannot insert bytea fields using TPSQLQuery" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot use custom restore library in TPSQLRestore.OnLibraryLoad, always 'pg_restore.dll' used" bug fixed
[-] "Impossible to use non literal characters in function parameter name" bug fixed
[-] "On complex queries dataset misses active record after edit and post" bug fixed
[-] "Parameters with ptOutput ParamType may change their data type after TPSQLStoredProc.Open call"
[-] "TPSQLDataset: call to RecourdCount in AfterScroll event if result set is Filtered raises EStackOverflow exception" bug fixed
[-] "TPSQLTools cannot be placed on form or datamodule" bug fixed
[-] "Unrecognised configuration parameter "bytea_output" log entries for pre-9.x servers" bug fixed

You're welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.6.3 right now at:
or login to your private area on our site at

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