PostgresDAC 2.5.1 released

PostgresDAC 2.5.1 released

Version 2.5.1 (March 31, 2009)

Ability to specify library name and path for PostgresDAC added. PostgreSQL v8.3.7 client libraries added (including pg_dump & pg_restore)

Full changelog:

[!] Ability to specify library name and path for PostgresDAC added

[+] CID, XID, TID types are mapped to TIntegerField from now

[+] Parameters support added to TPSQLDirectQuery

[+] TPSQLCopy.RowsAffected property added

[+] TPSQLDatabase.IsSSLUsed function added

[+] TPSQLDump.Encoding property added

[+] TPSQLDump: gzip compression option for plain output format added

[+] TSQLDataset/TADODataset to TPSQLQuery conversion added for TBDE2PSQL component

[*] Database property of components assigned automatically on creation

[*] v8.3.7 client libraries added

[*] v8.3.7 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll) added

[-] "Access Violation error may occur if long SQL used (>1Mb)" bug fixed

[-] "Error on start IDE if libpq.dll library can not be loaded" bug fixed

[-] "Misordering of TPSQLDump output for composite types" bug fixed

[-] "Property UpdateObject does not exist" bug in TDBE2PSQL component fixed

[-] "Stream read error for BLOBs may occur if non UTF8 encoding used" error fixed

[-] "TPSQLCopy silently processed errors" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLDatabase.Comment is always blank" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLDataset.Locate failed for UUID type" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLUpdateSQL may incorrectly use BIT VARYING type in parameters" bug fixed

[-] "UUID, TIME WITH TIME ZONE, TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE field types may be displayed garbled" bug fixed

[-] "Š˛utput not re-assigned back to screen after dump is done" bug fixed

[-] Small memory leak in TPSQLDirectQuery eliminated

[-] "AV occurs inside TPSQLDirectQuery.Open method if associated database is closed" bug fixed

[-] "Invalid UTF-8 byte sequence detected" for IDE versions odler than 2009 bug fixed

You're welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.5.1 right now at: ,
or login to your private area on our site at

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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