PostgresDAC 2.4.3 released

PostgresDAC 2.4.3 released

Version 2.4.3  (September 30, 2008)

We've decided to release version 2.4.3 to fix all known bugs at the moment, and then focus our development team only on Delphi 2009 Tiburon support.

Now all our troops are thrown into this battle - we're working tirelessly and we believe that we'll provide our registered customers with the first public Beta at the end of October.

Most likely, this huge task will require to issue two Beta versions, and both of them will be available only for our registered customers since they already have PostgresDAC source texts.

Other customers are welcome to test trial version after official release of PostgresDAC 2.5.0 with support of Delphi 2009 Tiburon at the end of this year.

You're welcome to download the PostgresDAC v2.4.3 right now at: ,


Login to your private area on our site at

Full list of current changes:

[*] Connection establishment is 120% faster now

[+] v8.3.4 client libraries added

[+] v8.3.4 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll) added

[+] Additional component for SSH tunneling added

[+] TPSQLDump.VersionAsInt property added

[+] TPSQLRestore.VersionAsInt property added

[+] TPSQLTable.LockTable functionality added

[-] "EInvalidOp exception is raised for timestamp 'infinity' and '-infinity' values" bug fixed

[-] "Incorrect grid result set representation if TBlobField.Value is used in OnCalcFields event" bug fixed

[-] "Incorrect grid result set representation if TBlobField.Value is used in TDBGrid.OnDrawDataCell event" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLUpdateSQL component uses wrong database if owner's TPSQLDataset.Database property was changed" bug fixed

[-] "TPSQLUpdateSQL may incorrectly treat values of TLargeIntField fields" bug fixed

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