DAC for MySQL — Testimonials

DAC for MySQL — Testimonials

The best component for mysql, thanks for Microolap Ltd, no doubt for us to choose nice solution that is microolap product.
Saiful Amri
Bank BTPN Cab.Banda Aceh
If you are searching for a VCL component that behaves RAD, don't think twice: DAC for MySQL is a breeze
Dr. Alvaro G. Dalloz
If you search great products, with great support, don't search more. You are here at the right place. Microolap products are simply powerfull and perfectly written. Thanks to all the team for there works and there visionnary vision of the future.
Alain Falanga - Ch Brignoles - Project Manager (France)
DAC for MySQL is the power of MySQL with the ease of Delphi all in one package...
Paul Menheere, NL
I have been developing with Delphi for the past ten years and every attempt to breakaway from the BDE was too complicated and involved me in too much new technology. I tried virtually every new component that came out without success. I simply did not have the time or the skill to learn new tricks. Then came DAC for MySQL.

I took a complex job-recording system for a busy call centre and converted it to MySQL using the DAC tools. The datasource components and table components reacted in much the same way as Delphi standard data components, with master/detail connections proving to be no problem. Other third party tools such as Woll to Woll's Info Power components also worked seamlessly with the DAC product. I converted the whole program very quickly indeed.

With more and more users, the new program runs much faster and is much more stable.

The DAC for MySQL components loaded first time, even with a trial run and preserving test data and without those irritating glitches so often found when loading new components.

I was new to SQL database servers so getting to grips with the server connections and the many security possibilities in MySQL was a new experience but made very easy by the comprehensive help at the MySQL web site.

Mike Murray
MTM Associates Ltd, UK
I have used DAC for MySQL since November 2002 in application software now in use by hundreds and hundreds of folks in the very real world of Healthcare Finance. Pounded daily by people who think software can do the strangest things. To this day DAC for MySQL has never fail me. I'd just like to say thank you! and let you know there is someone out here who really appreciates this software.
Rick Sutton, Partner
Essential Consulting LLC
DAC for MySQL... Just *love* it. Installs like a charm, works like a miracle performs wonders. Using MySQL? MySQL DAC is all you need!
Ron Tuijnman,
Sr. Programmer,
RTP Software
We have used MicroOLAP DAC for MySQL to help in our development of quick and efficient Delphi Applications and Libraries along with MySQL. We are happy to be associated with a Professional and responsive company which has provided us with both stable effective tools and good support. This helped us get up to speed with, what was to us in the beginning, new technology.

Thank you for being responsive to feedback and our best wishes to a successful future.
Kerry Frater,
I use the DAC for MySQL product and find it to work well without issue. I have had reason to call on their tech support during the installation of an upgrade, and I found them to be helpful and persistant until the problem was found.
James Fergus
Automation Engineer
Ideas to Reality
I bought DAC for MySQL for my C++ Builder to save much time during my database development. I had no time to get use to work to the mysql c++ api. Thus I was very happy tu purchase Dac for MySQL. As I had experience with the basic database components of my C++ Builder it was very easy to use the new compontens because there use is very similar. As I got any problems there was always somebody in the newsgroups who could help me. Now I use Dac for MySQL several projects. It is a great products which reduce your work and give you more time for the important things of your development.
Philipp von der Born,
I use DAC for MySQL on a daily basis. Why? Because it is the best non-BDE interface between Delphi and MySQL I have found. Stable, inexpensive, free run-time and outstanding support. Why would anyone use BDE-ODBC to work with MySQL?
James W. Dunn - CTO
Stillwater Express Solutions
We develop the award winning KeyDrive Data Encryption and StealthWare Mail Encryption Products. As our range expands we needed to develop and implement an online registration and support system. After extended searching we selected DAC for MySQL as the development toolkit. We were impressed by the ease of use all of the products and the support and update service has been exceptional. We will be using DAC for many years to come. Thanks for a great product.
Dr. David Case,
Group CEO,
Secure Technology Group.
United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Canada.
I first started to use your MySQLDAC more than a year ago, and was always pleased with it. It features worked great, and perfectly suited my and my customers needs. Your upgrade services was always very prompt, and provided me with the latest version of this software several times during this period, improving efficiency of my company's development process. Thanks for that wonderful product, and good luck to your software development business!
Dmitri E. Gurevich,
Holbi LLP, UK

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