DAC for MySQL 2.5.4

DAC for MySQL 2.5.4

Version 2.5.4 (September 13, 2006)

What's new:

[+] VARCHAR columns with length less then 8192 are mapped to
    TStringField now (less then 256 bytes before) according to
    real TStringField capacity
[+] ServerVersion global variable removed. TmySQLDatabase.ServerVersion
    property added instead.
[+] Changes in BIT datatype fields handling according to latest MySQL
[+] Some issues with Multithreading fixed. Multithreaded Demo for
    Delphi was written. Multithreaded Demo for C++Builder is updated.
[+] BLOB fields handling speed and memory usage improved
[+] TBDE2MySQL component improved
[-] Memory leak while Edit-Cancel operation
[-] BLOB fields duplication while editing record bug fixed
[-] Some problems with building projects with C++Builder fixed
    (ENoResultSet bug)
[-] MemLeak on BLOB fields, not large objects
[-] Fields values were fetched incorrectly sometimes while using INT64
[-] Locate() function always worked in PartialSearch mode
[-] Some problems with GotoKey(), GotoNearest() methods
[-] Memory leak while connecting to database with wrong password fixed
[-] TMySQLBatchExecute component's "Sql" property renamed to "SQL" and
    "ExecSql" method renamed to "ExecSQL" (because C++Builder
    identificators are case sensitive)
[-] Sometimes TmySQLQuery.CanModify was True even when RequestLive = False

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