DAC for MySQL 2.5.3

DAC for MySQL 2.5.3

The  new  version  of DAC for MySQL has been released.  It  introduces
multiple resultsets support and fixes several bugs.

Download the new trial version of DAC for MySQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] Multiple resultsets from Queries and Stored Procedures support

[+] MySQL  "UNSIGNED  INT"  datatype  is  mapped to TLargeIntField to
    prevent overflow (previously it was mapped to TIntegerField which does
    not support unsigned values)

[+] ProcessComments property added to determine what kinds of comments to cut
    from SQL query text
[+] TmySQLDatabase.Connect(), TmySQLDatabase.Disconnect(),
    and TmySQLDatabase.ConnectWithConnectionOptionsDialog() methods added

[+] TmySQLDataset.AllowSequenced property is True by default now
[-] Memory leak in TmySQLDatabase.Execute() method

[-] "Property Database is not set" bug while reading form with active TmySQLDataset

[-] Conection to server was dropped and reconnected after stored procedure call

[-] Access violation while open 'HEAP' ('MEMORY') tables

[-] ERangeError occurred sometimes in mysqltypes module

[-] Problems with connection to server with non-standart version string

[-] Can't load SSL library error was raised in some cases

[-] CanModify property of TmySQLQuery component was always True while RequestLive
    was set to True (even for complicated "uneditable" queries)
[-] Several bugs in TmySQLUpdateSQL

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