DAC for MySQL 2.3.1 is released

DAC for MySQL 2.3.1 is released

The new version of DAC for MySQL has been released.  It  introduces Delphi 2005 support and an optional component for integration with SSH tunneling.

Download the new trial version of DAC for MySQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] Support for Delphi 2005 Win 32 Edition has been added!
[+] Added the ability to get Last Insert ID from the requests that do not return the cursor.
[+] Added optional TMySSHDatabase component, which uses the wodSSHTunnel ActiveX component from WeOnlyDo! Software (http://www.weonlydo.com). Before installing TMySSHDatabase you should download the trial version of wodSSHTunnel or purchase a registered copy at
Note: TMySSHDatabase component should be installed separatelly (read install_ssh.txt file for the details).    
[*] Fixed the problems with TMySQLDump component that appeared during  processing the structure and the data of empty tables.
[*] Fixed the bug with the server charset detection.
[*] Fixed the problem with the SQL Parser (incorrect processing of "#"  symbol in query).
[*] GetTableNames method of TmYSQLDatabase component is changed: added the new parameter Views : Boolean = False. If a developer
sets this parameter to True, the component returns the list of  tables and views.
[*] Fixed the error that leads to a wrong positioning of the cursor  after updating a record with the trailing space.

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