DAC for EnterpriseDB v2.3.6 is released

DAC for EnterpriseDB v2.3.6 is released

Several new features introduced. A lot of bugfixes and improvements.

Trial version: http://microolap.com/products/connectivity/enterprisedb-dac/download/
Registered users: http://microolap.com/my/downloads/

Whats new:

Low level changes:
[+] Latest client libraries support
[+] Autoescape of backslashes and quotes
[-] "Crash when unloading the package before Application.Initialize" bug fixed
[-] "SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END are redefined in BCB code" bug fixed
[-] "Floating memory problems using strings longer then 256 characters" bug fixed
[-] "Error when open BYTEA field with content greater then 65Kb" bug fixed
[-] "CBuilder error: E2109 Not an allowed type in EDBAccess.hpp" bug fixed
[-] MemLeak on BLOB fields, not large objects
[-] "Error loading libpq.dll" duplicated messagebox deleted
[-] "Internal exception raised and catched automatically" bug fixed
[-] Small memory leak fixed in TNativeDataset.InternalReadBuffer procedure
[*] Support of "timestamp with time zone", "time with time zone" types improved
[*] Support of "timestamp" improved

High level changes:
[-] "TEDBTable.BatchModify turned to False, when error on Post occurs" bug fixed
[-] "TEDBIndex have empty name for PRIMARY KEY" bug fixed
[-] "Index built on expressions and/or system columns (oid, tableoid etc.) crashes app" bug fixed
[-] Incorrect TEDBStoredProc.Params handling fixed
[-] "AV in TEDBMonitor on application exit" bug fixed
[-] "RecordCount is wrong when Filtered = True" bug fixed
[*] Improved index fetching for TEDBTable component
[-] "TEDBUpdateSQL: error while inserting date&time parameters" bug fixed
[-] "Can't update fields containing long strings through TEDBUpdateSQL" bug fixed
[-] TAutoIncField critical bugfix: default values for integer fields were fetched incorrectly.
[-] "CanModify property was always True for TEDBQuery with RequestLive = True" bug fixed
[-] TBDE2EDB doesn't work for D6 and higher in TDatamodule
[-] TEDBQuery.Params[Index].AsTime doesn't work
[-] "Cannot perform this operation on an open dataset" while ExecProc called
[+] Local sorting added:
      TEDBDataset.SortBy method
      TEDBDataset.SortingFields property
[-] TEDBDataset.GetLastInsertID bug fixed
[-] TEDBObjectsType missprinting fixed: "otFuntions" changed to "otFunctions"
[-] "TEDBUpdateSQL editor generates fully qualified column names" bug fixed
[-] Memory leak on TEDBDataset.Open method fixed
[-] "Access Violation on TEDBDataset.FindFirst/FindNext used and no result found" bug fixed

Dump & Restore changes:
[+] property TEDBDump.TableNames
[+] property TEDBDump.SchemaNames
[+] property TEDBDump.ExcludeSchemas
[+] property TEDBDump.ExcludeTables
[+] TEDBRestore.Options: roNoDataForFailedTables and roSingleTransaction option added
[+] Functions added to TEDBDump class:
         - procedure DumpToStream(Stream: TStream; Log: TStrings); overload;
         - procedure DumpToStream(Stream: TStream; LogFileName: string); overload;
         - procedure DumpToFile(const FileName, LogFileName: string); overload;
[+] Function added to TEDBRestore class:
         - procedure RestoreFromFile(const FileName, LogFileName: string); overload;
[-] Memory Leak in TEDBDump fixed

Error handling changes:
[+] Comprehensive error messages support. To EEDBDatabaseError class added:
      property ErrorPos
      property ErrorContext
      property ErrorSeverity
      property ErrorSqlState
      property ErrorDetail
      property ErrorHint
      property ErrorInternalPos
      property ErrorInternalQuery
      property ErrorSourceFile
      property ErrorSourceLine
      property ErrorSourceFunc

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