DBX4MySQL Version 1.0

dbExpress driver for MySQL already works on the core we've developed for DAC for MySQL future 3.x version.

The main features of dbExpress driver for MySQL are:

- Does not contain any third-party GPL-licensed components;
- Licensed per a developer without royalty fee: you don't need to purchase end-user run-time licenses at all;
- Any MySQL libraries are not requred on a client workstation, even libmysql.dll (which must be licensed on per seat basis for non-GPL commercial applications);
- Linux/Kylix support (planned to be released at the end of this May);
- Access to MySQL server through the native network protocol directly;
- High performance;
- Supports latest versions of MySQL;
- All MySQL data types support;
- Transaction support;
- Complete fields information support;
- Automatic detection for the old/new password algorithm (including the handling of the special 4.1.0 passwords);
- Native SSL implementation in the Enterprise version (without any external libraries).

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