DBX4MySQL Version 1.0

DBX4MySQL Version 1.0

dbExpress driver for MySQL already works on the core we've developed for DAC for MySQL future 3.x version.

The main features of dbExpress driver for MySQL are:

- Does not contain any third-party GPL-licensed components;
- Licensed per a developer without royalty fee: you don't need to purchase end-user run-time licenses at all;
- Any MySQL libraries are not requred on a client workstation, even libmysql.dll (which must be licensed on per seat basis for non-GPL commercial applications);
- Linux/Kylix support (planned to be released at the end of this May);
- Access to MySQL server through the native network protocol directly;
- High performance;
- Supports latest versions of MySQL;
- All MySQL data types support;
- Transaction support;
- Complete fields information support;
- Automatic detection for the old/new password algorithm (including the handling of the special 4.1.0 passwords);
- Native SSL implementation in the Enterprise version (without any external libraries).

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