TCPDUMP for Windows® - FAQ
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TCPDUMP for Windows® - FAQ

In which cases do I need TCPDUMP for Windows®?

You need TCPDUMP for Windows® if you're working in Unix/Windows heterogeneous environment and want to use tcpdump you're familiar with on both platforms.

How can I obtain a trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows®?

You're welcome to the latest trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows® at the download section.

What limitations does the trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows® have?

All evaluation versions of TCPDUMP for Windows® are fully functional, although there are license restrictions. Also the trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows® automatically checks the availability of a newer version on one of our web servers, and may open corresponding web page with the default browser.

What kind of technical support is available for TCPDUMP for Windows® registered customers?

Our TCPDUMP for Windows® support team offers the following: free pre-sales support, which can help you learn more about this product, and post-sales support for registered users for solving every possible technical problem.

Trying out your TCPDUMP program, how do I go about finding out the Index of an Interface?

Try this:

C:\>tcpdump -D

and then:

C:\>tcpdump -i <interface number> <whatever you want>

Assume, you want to have a look at HTTP traffic on port 80. Apparently, the NdisWanBh intrface is out of interest:

C:\>tcpdump -D
1.\Device\NdisWanBh (WAN Miniport (Network Monitor))
2.\Device\{1F361AA0-9606-4422-836B-8D2465C812B6} /
          (Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC)

Now let's run tcpdump against the second interface from the list:

C:\>tcpdump -i 2 -vv -x -X -s 1500 port 80
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