EtherSensor Version

EtherSensor Version

Data sources and objects capture
 EtherSensor EtherCAP service:
  [+]The service is now forced to restart in case of exceptions. Previously it attempted to continue operation which resulted in uncontrolled memory consumption and other failures (such as a great number of service process dumps).
  [-]An error was fixed in the traffic interception driver, which sometimes resulted in the OS (Win2008/Win7/Win2012/Win8) restarting during uninstallation.

Captured objects analysis:
  [*]Memory and CPU resource consumption was reduced for reconstructed object processing.
  [+]The following detectors were updated:,
  [+]To enable support of EtherSensor agents, the EtherSensor license must now have the option for EtherSensor agents.
  [-]An error was fixed with the analysis of HTTP query form parameters.

Configuration console:
  [-]An error was fixed with diagnostic report generation: sometimes the management console could consume too much memory when the EtherSensor operation report was being generated.
  [-]An error was fixed with checking the version.xml file in the EtherSensor update system.

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