EtherSensor Version

EtherSensor Version

Data sources and objects capture
 EtherSensor EtherCAP service:
  [+]An algorithm was added to calculate connection timeout based on the number of monitored connections.
  [+]Network adapter can now be reconnected if it was disabled and then enabled again (e.g. via the Windows management console) during EtherSensor EtherCAP operation.

Captured objects analysis:
  [*]Email address parsing algorithm was updated.
  [*]Detectors are now loaded faster.
  [+]LZH attachments (IBM Lotus Notes format) can now be unpacked.
  [+]Counters were added for messages removed by the license unit.
  [+]The following detectors were updated: CV (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, smsmms (,,,
  [-]An error was fixed with Lotus Notes message processing.

Configuration console:
  [+]A validator was added for HTTP object filters and message filters. The filter can now be checked for errors.
  [+]Functions were added for loading and saving individual logs.
  [+]Functions were added to view log contents (as plain text).
  [+]You can now search the log for data (in plain text mode).
  [+]You can now go to a certain log line (in plain text mode).
  [+]Display of Lotus Notes message statistics was added.
  [+]Counters were added for messages removed by the license unit.
  [-]A diagnostics error was fixed which occurred during log loading and display.

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