EtherSensor Version

EtherSensor Version

Data sources and objects capture
 EtherSensor EtherCAP service:
  [*]Traffic processing efficiency is now higher. Incoming HTTP traffic can now be intercepted due to lower resource consumption of EtherSensor and the execution environment.

Captured objects analysis:
  [*]Processing of all available HTTP GET requests from Ethernet and ICAP is guaranteed. Explanation: earlier, the analysis was only available for messages sent from the workstations via the web interface, but now we can also analyze all incoming messages.
  [*]The server can now monitor logins, passwords and downloaded files for GET requests.
  [+]HTTP prefiltering was added to discard obvious junk. This helps to reduce the load on the analysis system. It can also be used for debugging.

  [+]You can now select encodings for EtherSensor messages sent to log files or syslog servers; thus, another obstacle to using common log analyzers is removed.

Configuration console:
  [*]The configurator was completely rewritten: this is now a standard Windows application (mconsole.exe file from the distribution kit) instead of an MMC console used previously.
  [+]EtherSensor statistics is now accumulated for integration with external monitoring systems.

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