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In which cases I need TCPDUMP for Windows®?

You need TCPDUMP for Windows® if (1) you can't boot a machine with OS UNIX and use UNIX version of tcpdump, or (2) you can't reboot this Windows machine, otherwise the information about all processes running on it will be lost.

How can I obtain a trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows®?

You're welcome to the latest trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows® at the download section.

What functionality limitations do the trial version of TCPDUMP for Windows® have?

All evaluation versions of TCPDUMP for Windows® are fully functional.

What kinds of support are available for TCPDUMP for Windows® registered customers?

The TCPDUMP for Windows® support team offers two types of support: free pre-sales support, which can help you to learn more about this product, and post-sales support for registered users for solving all possible technical problems.

Can I purchase TCPDUMP for Windows® with sources?

It does not make sense at all because TCPDUMP for Windows® is built from three things: original tcpdump source texts, our WinPCap to PSSDK migration module, and Packet Sniffer SDK itself.

Trying out your TCPDUMP program, how do I go about finding out the Index of an Interface?

Try this:

C:\>tcpdump -D

and then:

C:\>tcpdump -i <interface number> <whatever you want>

Assume, you want to have a look at HTTP traffic on port 80. Apparently, the NdisWanBh intrface is out of interest:

C:\>tcpdump -D
1.\Device\NdisWanBh (WAN Miniport (Network Monitor))
2.\Device\{1F361AA0-9606-4422-836B-8D2465C812B6} /
          (Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC)

Now let's run tcpdump against the second interface from the list:

C:\>tcpdump -i 2 -vv -x -X -s 1500 port 80
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