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Microolap EtherSensor

High-performance Network Traffic Analysis solution

EtherSensor is a real-time network traffic analysis platform for extracting application-level objects of user and system communications: messages, files, network events and other service-specified objects from L7 OSI (AKA "L8").

EtnerSensor helps our customers to solve various Security Operation Center tasks in combination with DLP, SIEM, U(E)BA, eDiscovery, Enterprise Archiving, Enterprise Search, DAG systems and so on.

How EtherSensor works:

Captures raw data and reconstructs application-level objects

EtherSensor captures raw L2 traffic from several 10Gbps network adapters or PCAP files (BPF filtering is available), or gets the source data from ICAP clients or Lotus Notes transaction log.

Analyzes reconstructed objects

Using high-performance rule-based filtering mechanism, EtherSensor decides if the object must be dropped or it must be sent to a consuming system using corresponding pre-defined results delivery profile.

Delivers reconstructed objects to the consuming systems

The result of the application-level object/message analysis is its delivery to one or more consuming systems, the same object may be delivered to several receivers at the same time. Each receiver gets the object in corresponding format, e.g. SIEM system receives a syslog string with the object metadata, DLP system or eDiscovery system receives the message itself and so on.

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