Network Analysis Overview

Network Analysis Overview

Microolap provides network and information security professionals with the foremost products for analyzing network traffic that allows to create professional network information security solutions.

Microolap EtherSensor

High-performance Network Traffic Analysis platform

EtherSensor is used as a part of Security Operation Center responsible for high-performance, high-uptime analysis of the network traffic in real-time. EtherSensor extracts application-level objects and events from the traffic, processes them in a predefined way, and then delivers them to other subsystems of the SOC.

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Microolap TCPDUMP for Windows ®

Command-line packet capture tool for Windows

TCPDUMP for Windows is a clone of TCPDUMP, the popular command-line packet capture tool, based on Packet Sniffer SDK. It can provide very detailed information about any network conversation that runs across the wire.

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Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.16 is out

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
This maintenance release is focused on improving usability and fixing bugs.

PgMDD 1.15 meets PostgreSQL 12

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
This release introduces support for the new PostgreSQL 12 major version.

PgMDD 1.14 meets PostgreSQL 11

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
This release introduces preliminary support for PostgreSQL v11

MicroOLAP Database Designer v1.13.1 hotfix

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
Due to major bug found in the installer Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.13.1 hotfix available.

Check the new Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.13

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
This release introduces Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P) from which, you have access to all of the functionality of Database Designer, including keyboard shortcuts for the most common operations.

Also, Find Panel (Ctrl + F) for object managers introduced. The built-in Find Panel provides an easy way of searching visible columns in managers.

Connections without SSL are made through the special library.

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