Check the new Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.10.0

Check the new Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.10.0

This release introduces support for the latest v9.4 SQL grammar as well as improved support for inheritance functionality. Modify Engine allows mark constraints as NOT VALID. Several non critical bugs fixed.

Full changelog:
[!] SQL Executor and Validator support v9.4 grammar now
[!] Support for table inheritance improved dramatically
[+] "Always make PK columns first" option introduced in Diagram Options
[+] Allow CHECK constraints to be declared NOT VALID in Modify script
[+] Allow FOREIGN KEY constraints to be declared NOT VALID in Modify script
[+] Shortcut for "Save As.." and "Export" menu items added
[+] SQL keywords are properly highlighted according to 9.4 version
[*] Comments now shown at Preview tab of Table Editor by default
[*] Handling of incorrect file paths improved in Generate and Modify Database
[*] Merging of reversed user types with existing in model improved during Reverse Engineering
[-] "Changing domain schema doesn't affect table representation where domain used" bug fixed
[-] "Changing some options in the Model Options doesn't activate OK & Apply buttons" bug fixed
[-] "Column default values containing backslashes are corrupted after reloading model" bug fixed
[-] "Leak proof option doesn't shown in the Function editor after reopen" bug fixed
[-] "LEAKPROOF attribute causes syntax error in the SQL Executor" bug fixed

You're welcome to download the Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.10.0 right now at:

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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