Zooming a Diagram

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When a diagram is opened for the first time its zoom level is set to the normal size. You can change the zoom level of your database diagram.

There are several ways to zoom a diagram in the window:

§The most convenient variant is to use the mouse wheel holding Ctrl button. Turn up the mouse wheel to zoom in the digram, to zoom out turn down the mouse wheel.

§In the View menu you can find the Scale drop-down list with predefined scale factors. The same drop-down list is also placed in the View toolbar.

§Press F6 to zoom in the diagram, and F7 to zoom out. Press F5 to return to actual size (100%) of the diagram.

§The Zoom-in (icon-zoom-in) and Zoom-out (icon-zoom-out) buttons are placed in the Palette toolbar .

§Select the View | Zoom In or View | Zoom Out menu items to zoom in and to zoom out respectively.

Please pay attention to the Fit To Screen function. It helps to display your diagram fully. You can call this function from the View menu by clicking on the Fit To Screen label.