Export to Graphics

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You can export your diagram to an image file and then use its graphical representation in external applications. For example, insert a diagram image into your program documentation (e.g. use MS Word), create big posters with your diagram, publish them to Web.

Database Designer for PostgreSQL supports the following image types:

§Vector graphics: Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF).

§Bitmap images: PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP.

To export model to image, follow these steps:

1. Select File | Export to call the Export Model tool.

2. The export dialog window will appear. Please examine the dialog window controls:

File name
Enter the name for the file, in which you want to store the contents of the model.

Split into pages
Click on this option to create a separate image for each page in the model.

Show image on complete
Click on this option to open image in a default image viewer after the generation.

Click OK to export model.

Please note, that exporting a diagram to the vector graphics format allows you to freely scale a diagram of any size without any noticeable distortions. It enables you to create big posters with the diagram to demonstrate the data logic of your application.