CHM eBook Reader help


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If you need to interrupt your CHM document reading, Bookmarks will help yo to continue read it from the last read place. You can create Bookmarks manually (see below), or using Autobookmarks feature (see Options).

How to create a bookmark:

Press "star" button. The Bookmark creating dialog appears.

Other way to add a bookmark:

  1. Select some text in a topic;
  2. Press "star" button on the Control Panel, or select Add Bookmark menu item in pop-up menu:

In this case selected text will be copied in the bookmark name.

Adding a bookmark:

Press Add button. A new bookmark will be put in the bookmarks list. Now using Display button you can jump to the point of the CHM file on which this bookmark points on.

Bookmarks list editing:

Use Delete button to delete bookmarks from the bookmarks list.