SMB File Sniffer FAQ

General Questions

What is SMB File Sniffer?

SMB File Sniffer is a powerful network security utility for logging SMB protocol (sometimes called NetBIOS over TCP) files operations and capturing files bodies, transmitted within a LAN.

Where can I obtain a trial version of SMB File Sniffer?

You can always download the latest version of SMB File Sniffer at its Download Page. The 30-day trial version of SMB File Sniffer is fully functional.

What is the trial period of SMB File Sniffer and what functionality limitations does the trial version have?

You can use SMB File Sniffer absolutely free for a period of 30 (thirty) days since the first installation. The trial version of SMB File Sniffer has no trial functionality limitations so you can evaluate all the possibilities and features of SMB File Sniffer.

How can I purchase SMB File Sniffer?

The best way to purchase SMB File Sniffer is to get online registration through a third party billing service provided by ShareIt. ShareIt also offers you offline ordering options - by phone, mail, fax, wire and PO (if applicable). Please find all the details at the Order Page.

What support is available for SMB File Sniffer?

We provide our customers with efficient and high-professional e-mail support, which is absolutely free. Whether you have any questions about SMB File Sniffer, or you want to report a bug, feel free to do it through the Support System.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to/from your newsletter?

To join the SMB File Sniffer mailing list, please visit our Newsletter Page, fill the on-line form, select SMB File Sniffer in the list of available products, and click Subscribe. The instructions on how to unsubscribe from the mailing list can be easily found in each newsletter mail.

What platform does SMB File Sniffer run on?

SMB File Sniffer runs on Windows 2000/NT4/XP.

Technical Questions

What Network adapters does SMB File Sniffer support?

SMB File Sniffer supports the following network adapters: Ethernet (802.3), Token-Ring, and FDDI.

What exactly does SMB File Sniffer do when installed on a PC connected to a LAN?

SMB File Sniffer using NIS enables the network card's promiscuous mode and captures network traffic on the local LAN segment. Then it filters Ethernet packets according to the settings, and parces them to reconstruct SMB sessions. After that SMB File Sniffer can log SMB file operations and even intercept file bodies and store them locally. Note: There are certain limitations for switched networks (see the next question about switches in this FAQ).

When I start SMB File Sniffer, it can capture only the files/file operations sent to and from my machine. Why?

You should check the device type used for connecting to LAN: is it a hub or a switch (switching hub). Unlike hubs, switches prevent promiscuous sniffing. In a switched network environment, any packet sniffing software is limited to capture broadcast and multicast packets, so you can't intercept any file transmitted within your LAN segment. However, most modern switches support "port mirroring" (also known as "port spanning" or "roving analysis port"), which is a feature that allows you to configure the switch to redirect the traffic that occurs on some or all ports to a designated monitoring port on the switch. Please refer to your switch documentation for information how to configure this feature to monitor the entire LAN segment.

I am connected to the LAN through a hub. Why SMB File Sniffer captures nothing from other machines?

There are two possible reasons:
  • nevertheless your hub behaves as switch;
  • you use a multi-speed hub, and your NIC speed is lower than others' one.

Why SMB File Sniffer loses some files transmitted within the LAN?

Try to use the following options: Win32 pools count and Thread proirity. Also check if SMB File Sniffer has enough system resources. With the default settings PIII/800mHz/256MB RAM computer is more than enough to capture all 100 Mbit network acivity.

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