General issues

I am a web-master, how can I place a link to your site?

If you want to make lives of GIS applications developers easier or just link MapInfo® Callback Manager from your page, please place link shown below on your site.

<A HREF="">MapInfo® Callback Manager</A>
If you made a review of MapInfo® Callback Manager and published it somewhere, please let us know.

What does it take to qualify as beta-tester of MapInfo® Callbacks Manager and other microOLAP GIS related products?

We have "half-price program" for betatesters of our products. To participate in this program:

  • Send us at least one significant bug or wish report here.
  • We'll provide you information about registering MapInfo® Callbacks Manager for 1/2 of regular end user price immediately.

I found a bug in MapInfo® Callbacks Manager. What should I do?

Are you sure you use MapInfo® Callbacks Manager latest release?

OK, likely you can participate in our "half-price program" for betatesters of our products. Please, fill out problem report form here.

I'm a student. What about educational prices?

Ask your on-campus reseller, or e-mail us to .