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MBBuilder is a visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for MapInfo MapBasic with the features, typical for this products category:

·Menu Editor;  
·Toolbar Editor;  
·Project Manager;  
·Component Editor;  
·Object Inspector;  
·Dialog Editor.  

Project Manager:
Project Manager supports project paradigm as a collection of files in MapBasic format, so you don't need to work with each file separetely: simply work with your MapBasic project!

Object Inspector:
Supports all application objects (Dialogs, Menu Items, Toolbars, Toolbar buttons and Controls) properties;

Dialog Editor:
You can have as much dialogs as you want in your application and control them with easy;

One storage for all files:
All project files are stored in one place. So, you can load the files in the File Editor to rename, delete or add the new file. This is very convenient, if you want to use your old project code;

F9 magic key:
Press F9 and your project will be compiled, linked and MapInfo will run your application immediately;

Component Editor:
The main feature of MBBuilder. You can write your own components to use your code repeatedly.

In two words: MBBuilder is a "VisualMapBasic"!