Keyboard shortcuts
Connect to DB
ConnectF12Press F12 if you don't want to save connection as Profile.
DisconnectCtrl-F12Disconnect from DB.
Profiles dialogCtrl-PStart Profiles dialog to Create, Edit or Delete profiles.
SQL Editor
UndoCtrl-ZUndo changes (1000 steps).
CutCtrl-XCut selection into the clipboard.
CopyCtrl-CCopy selection into the clipboard.
PasteCtrl-VPaste selection from the clipboard.
Clear AllCtrl-DelClears both Command and Data windows. If SQL query was executed, it will be stored in SQL history.
Select AllCtrl-ASelect all text in SQL Editor window.
SearchCtrl-FSearch desired context in SQL Editor window.
ReplaceCtrl-HSearch desired context in SQL Editor window and replace it by another.
Search AgainF3Search again or replace the next context found.
Go to Line NumberCtrl-GJump cursor to desired line number.
Insert Code TemplateCtrl-JOpen Command Insight listbox with most frequently used SQL commands for quick insert.
SQL script
Open SQL script fileCtrl-OOpen Open SQL script dialog.
Save SQL Script fileCtrl-SOpen Save SQL script dialog.
ExecuteF9Execute SQL query immediately. If an error will occur, corresponding SQL query line will be highlighted.
Previous SQLAlt-LeftFor navigating within SQL history. Loads previous SQL query.
Next SQLAlt-RightFor navigating within SQL history. Loads next SQL query.
SQL HistoryAlt-HomeOpen SQL history to select desired SQL query directly. Note: only unique SQL queries are stored in SQL history.
Visual Query BuilderCtrl-Alt-VStart Visual Query Builder.
Set FilterCtrl-Alt-FOpen Set filter dialog to set filter conditions.
Drop FilterCtrl-Alt-DDrop filter immediately.
Quick filterCtrl-Alt-QFilter result set using current field value as filter expression.
Export Table DataCtrl-Alt-EOpen Export dialog.
Best fitCtrl-WFit columns width.