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UPDATE Query Wizard

This topic guide you through the process of generating the UPDATE profile query within the Query Wizard. To learn how to start the wizard and how to select the query type see topic Query Wizard.


The first step of the UPDATE Query Wizard allows you to select tables and columns to include into the query.



Select the table name from the Tables drop-down list and move table columns from the Available Fields list to the Selected Fields. Note, that you can select fields from multiple tables.


The next step of the wizard allows you to define the new values you want to insert into the table(s) instead of the existing.


The first level-nodes of the list stand for the target table names, and the sub-node captions display the column names. Type the values into the appropriate cells to update the table columns with.


The next step of the wizard allows you to build conditions, which define the data update criteria.

Please, examine the Designing Query Conditions for more details.


With the next step of the wizard you can set additional query parameters.  

To learn more about such query parameters, as low priority or ignore errors, please refer to the Designing Query Options topic.


The final step of the wizard allows you to select the action to perform after the creation and displays information about the creation errors, if such occur.


Select Open the query in design mode to open the Query Designer after the query is created. To execute the query and apply the selected modifications to table data, select  Execute the query. To close the wizard without any action after creating the query, select the Take no action item.


To create the query with all the parameters you have set, click the Finish button.



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