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Query SQL View

The SQL View of the Query Designer is intended for viewing the query text, generated according to the design structure, options, criteria, and columns, or for manual editing the SQL text. Manual editing is useful when you need to create queries, which can't be designed in graphical mode.



The syntax highlight makes the edited SQL text more convenient for viewing and editing. The popup menu of the editor provides standard functions for working with the text as well as some advanced functions.


The Load SQL/Save SQL functions allow you to load SQL text from file on disc or save the edited text to file. The Insert Table function opens a dialog window for selecting a table to insert into the query text. The selected table is inserted in the following format: SELECT [COLUMNS...] FROM <TABLE_NAME>. The Insert Query function opens a dialog window for selecting one of the already existing profile queries to insert its full text into the query. This can be useful, e.g. for creating queries with sub-selects.


Take a look at the two commented lines at the end of the text. Using the same format as show above you can edit query name and description without switching to the design mode of the Query Designer.






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