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Insert Lookup Column

The Insert Lookup Column dialog allows you to select the parent table and column for the new column, inserted into the table. The Insert Lookup Column dialog is called through the Insert Lookup... function of the Table Designer or Table Wizard.



The column added through the Insert Lookup Column dialog becomes the related field in the newly created relationship. The relationship will be created according the properties you set within the dialog. To learn more about relationships see the Relationships topic.


The Insert Lookup Column dialog consists of two tabs: Lookup Source and Constraints. The Lookup Source allows you to select the parent table and column for the new relationship, and the Constraints tab defines the UPDATE and DELETE constraints for the relationship. To learn more about relationship constraints see Relationships and Relationship Editor. Note, that the new column is inserted into the table with all properties (data type, length, etc.) similar to the selected parent column.


When you are done, click the Insert button. To cancel inserting the lookup column, click Close.



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