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Import Database Wizard

The Import Database Wizard allows you to import database structure and table data to your MySQL database from MS Access database, ADO-compatible database or another MySQL database.


To run the Import Database Wizard select one of the following item from the main menu:

  • File | Import Database | Import from Access Database...
  • File | Import Database | Import from MySQL Database...
  • File | Import Database | Import from ADO Source...


The first step of the wizard allows you to select the import source: MS Access file, MySQL database, or ADO connection.



The appearance of this step depends on the main menu selection. It prompts you either for the Access file name, source MySQL connection or ADO-connection string, which can be built within a standard ADO dialog.


The next step allows you to select the destination MySQL database for import structure and data.



The Import to the current profile option is available only if you have active database profile opened and connected. Select this option to import the source tables into the profile database.


Select Import to a new profile to define the connection properties for the destination database manually.



Sets MySQL server address.


Sets MySQL server port.


Sets MySQL server user login.


Sets MySQL server user password.


Selects database from the list of available on the server.


Check the Recreate database if exists option to drop the existing database with the selected name and create the new one before import. Check the Recreate Tables if Exist option to drop each table with the same name as of the table being imported during the process.


The next step of the wizard allows you to select the imported tables and columns and adjust properties for each imported object.



Check the Import Structure cells to import table and column definitions into the destination database and check the Import Data cells to import the appropriate data. To include all objects into the import process, click the Select All button, and click the Remove Selection to clear all checked values. To modify the definition of the imported table or column, select its name in the list and click the Modify Object button. Depending on the type of the selected object, the Edit Table Dialog or the Edit Column Dialog appears, allowing you to view and edit the properties of the selected object.


The final step of the wizard starts importing, displaying the progress bar of the process.



Select Open the target profile to create a new profile for the created database and open it in the Profile Window. To close the wizard without any action after restoring the database, select the Take no action.


Check the Abort Import On Error option to stop importing if any error occurs during the process.


To start importing with all the parameters you have set, click the Finish button. To abort the process of import click the Cancel button in the progress dialog.




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