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Designing Table Options

The Options tab of the Table Designer allows you to view and modify the basic properties of the designed table, such as table name, table type, row format, and others.



The following table properties are available for editing:

  • Table Name - the name of the table, which must be unique within the database.
  • Table Type - MySQL-specific type of the designed table. This type defines how MySQL stores and searches data in tables. Note, that to use MySQL foreign keys (diagram references) you should use the InnoDB table type.
  • Row Format - defines how rows will be stored in the MySQL table.
  • Min. Rows - defines minimum number of rows you plan to store in the table. Leave zero for the default value.
  • Max. Rows - defines maximum number of rows you plan to store in the table. Leave zero for the default value.
  • Avg. Row Length - an approximation of the average row length for your table. You only need to set this for large tables with variable size records.
  • Auto Increment - the next AUTO_INCREMENT value you want to set for your table (MyISAM only).
  • Pack Keys - this option works for MyISAM and ISAM tables only. It makes table indexes smaller. This usually makes updates slower and reads faster.
  • Checksum - this option works for MyISAM tables only. It maintains a checksum for all rows (makes table a little slower to update but makes it easier to find the corrupted tables).
  • Delay Key Write - this option works for MyISAM tables only. It delays key table updates until the table is closed.
  • Comment - A 60-character native MySQL comment for your table.
  • Union Tables - this option allows you to create a collection of MyISAM tables as a single MRG_MyISAM table.





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