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Designing Table Indexes

The Indexes tab contains the list of table indexes, displaying index names, included fields, and other properties. The buttons on the toolbar and the popup menu of the list allow you to insert new and delete the existing indexes.



The index list displays all the indexes in the table and allows you to modify the following index properties:

  • Index Name - the name of the index, which must be unique within the table;
  • Fields - the list of index fields, separated by a comma (the picture above shows how you can select the fields for the index, set fields' sub-parts, and move the selected fields within the list);
  • Primary - this option makes the selected index primary, i.e. its included field combination is the main record identifier for the table;
  • Unique - this option makes the selected index unique, i.e. the combination of the included field values must be unique within the table;
  • Full-text - this option can be applied to the index if all its fields are CHAR, VARCHAR, or TEXT; it allows you to perform relevance-based search within the included fields.




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