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Designing Query Structure

The main part of the Query Design View is the Design tab. Here you can build your query by placing the database tables on the area, selecting the required data and setting links between objects.



To add a table to the query, select the required table in the list at the left, then double-click it or drag it to the diagram area. The selected table will appear on the query model with the list of its fields. To include a table field to the query, click at the left of the field name in the list. To include all the fields, select the Select All Columns item from popup menu. To remove a field from the query, uncheck this fields, or select the Remove Selection item to remove all columns from the query. To remove the whole table, close it by clicking the button 'X' at the table caption.


To create a link (a join) between two fields for the SELECT query, simply drag one field from the table and drop it onto another one. This action opens the Join Properties dialog, allowing you to adjust the link properties (left and right tables and fields, join operator, and join type), and either confirm or cancel the link creation. Default joins appear on the diagram in accordance to the profile relationships. To view and edit properties of the existing link, double-click the link, or select the Join Properties item in the link popup menu. To remove a link from the query, right-click at the link and select the Delete item from the popup menu.




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