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Designing Query Options

The Options tab of the Query Designer allows you to view and modify the basic properties of the designed query, such as query name, type, and description, and tune some specific options like limit and offset.



The following query properties are available for editing:

  • Query Name - the name of the query, identifying it within the profile.
  • Query Type - this option sets the base SQL statement for the query - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE; many other query properties are tuned according to this selection;
  • Description - this is an optional description for the query, which you can see in the Detail view of the Profile Window | Queries page.


Specific type-depended query options:

  • Limit Query Rows (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE) - enables limiting the selected or modified rows by the Limit Count value;
  • Limit Count (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE) - defines the number of rows to limit the data selection or modification by;
  • Use Offset (SELECT) - enables skipping some number of first table rows while selecting data by the Offset Count value;
  • Offset Count (SELECT) - specifies the number of rows to skip while selecting data from tables;
  • Low Priority (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) - enables delaying of execution of the statement until no other clients are reading from the table;
    Ignore Errors (INSERT, UPDATE) - query processing will not abort even if duplicate key errors arise during the query execution;
  • Quick (DELETE) - for MyISAM tables, if you specify this option the storage engine will not merge index leaves during delete, which may speed up certain kind of deletes.



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