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Designing Query Conditions

The Conditions tab of the Query Designer allows you to define criteria for the SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries. You can define a number of conditions using columns from the query tables, create combined conditions and link them with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT).



To add a condition, click the button at the left and select Add Condition in the popup menu.

Each conditions consists of two parts and the condition operator. Click at the left and right edit boxes to edit the condition parts and click at the linking operator to change this operator.


For operators like and not like you can use the % symbol to represent a number of any characters in the compare string, and the ? symbol to represent any single character. For operators is blank and is not blank there is only one condition part; for operators between and not between there are more than two parts in the condition.


Clicking the button at the left of the condition activates the popup menu, which allows you to add a new condition of the same enclosure level, add a new enclosure level, delete the current condition, open or close the condition, if it is composite. 



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