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Designing Query Columns

The Columns tab of the Query Designer allows you to tune various properties of the selected table columns for SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries: selection grouping and positions, update values, and sorting.



The Columns tab contains a tree list, where parent nodes correspond to tables, and sub-nodes correspond to columns. The cell editors allow you to adjust the following query column parameters:

  • Output Alias (SELECT) - an alias for column to display in the result grid. This alias must be unique within the query.
  • Total (SELECT) - defines conditions for grouping the result records. Note, that using functions like Count, Avg, MaxMin in queries with more than one column requires another column to have Group By function.
  • Sorting (SELECT, DELETE) - this option sets the way of sorting the result query records in the specified column. The default value is None, select Ascending or Descending to apply the respective sorting.
  • Update Value (UPDATE) - sets the column values to replace those, matching the update criteria in the query tables.




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