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Database Profiles

DBACentral for MySQL stores information for working MySQL database in profiles. This information includes connection properties, database-specific options, and various database extensions: queries, forms, relationships, domains, etc.


Each database profile is stored in a file with *.mypf extension on your hard disk. This allows you to transfer profiles between computers and databases easily. In other words, you can develop a profile, which include forms to work with data, relationships between tables and other functionality, and then distribute them among users of your database.


In fact, one well-developed database profile (with forms and queries) in conjunction with DBACentral for MySQL can be a customized application for working with your database.


DBACentral for MySQL allows you to work with multiple profiles at once. Most of the operations in DBACentral require a profile opened, having database connection established, and most of the application windows other than the Profile Window are profile-depended, i.e. when disconnecting from the profile database or closing the profile closes all its sub-windows (data grids, designers, etc).


To learn how to create, open and save database profiles see the following sections:


For information about working with profile and database objects see the Profile Window section.

Database Profile: Profile Window | Creating Database Profile | Opening Database Profile



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