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Create Database Wizard

The New Database Wizard guides you through the process of creating a new database. To open the wizard select the Tools | New Database... menu item or select Create a new database on the Getting Started pane.


The first step of the wizard prompts for the new database name.

If you set the Check database if exists option on, then the new database will be created only if no database with such name exists on the server.


The next step of the wizard allows you to define the connection properties for connecting to the new database server.


Sets MySQL server address.


Sets MySQL server port.


Sets MySQL server user login.


Sets MySQL server user password.

Show password chars

This option enables showing real password chars in the Password field instead of asterisks.


This option defines an interval of time that the DBACentral for MySQL will try to connect to the MySQL database.


The final step of the wizard allows you to select the action to perform after the creation and displays information about the creation errors, if such occur.

Select Open the database profile to create a new profile for the created database and open it in the Profile Window. To open the database profile for editing in the Profile Properties Editor select Open the database profile properties dialog. To close the wizard without any action after creating the database, select the Take no action.

To start creating the database with all the parameters you have set, click the Finish button.



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