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Thank you for your interest in purchasing of dbx4mysql!

You can choose licensing options and purchasing method (CC online, Purchase Order, Fax or wire transfer) and register dbx4mysql at its order page at http://microolap.com/products/connectivity/dbx4mysql/order/.

As a registered user you obtain a right to get free software updates during 12 (twelve) months since the date of your purchase if you have purchased a license with Subscription, and 3 (three) months if if you have purchased a license without Subscription. This includes both minor and major software updates in approppriate time period.

After the end of this period you may purchase Subscription Renewal and get the new versions and free software updates for next twelve months.

If you have any additional questions about our update policy, please write us at: sales@microolap.com

Purchasing dbx4mysql you confirm that you have tested and have been fully satisfied with the current version of the product.

To get support please create your personal account here: http://microolap.com/my/.