What is microOLAP DBExpress driver for MySQL (dbx4mysql)?

dbx4mysql is a standard dbExpress driver that provides fast access to MySQL database servers.

dbx4mysql is a third-party library that implements the dbExpress interfaces, as defined by Borland.

dbExpress is a thin and simple data-access layer, providing high performance and small deployment. dbx4mysql driver is available for Windows and Linux as a dynamic-link library.

When you deploy a database application that uses dbx4mysql, you need only include the driver dll with the application files you build when using the standard version, the embedded library when using the embedded mode and the client library when using the library mode. Please refer to the distribution help topic for extra details.

dbx4mysql driver provides very fast access to MySQL through native MySQL network protocol, and it supports the embedded and official client libraries use.

dbx4mysql driver supports transactions on MySQL server.

dbx4mysql driver natively supports compressed and secure (SSL) protocol of MySQL server, without any additional external libraries.